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Thermal stability of electrodeposited LIGA Ni-W alloys for high temperature MEMS applications
Microsystem Technologies (2008)

For thermally stable LIGA materials for high temperature MEMS applications LIGA Ni-W layers and micro testing samples with different compositions (15 and 5 at% W) were electrodeposited. In order to investigate the thermal stability the Ni-W layers were annealed at different temperatures (300-700°C) and for different durations (1, 4, 16 h). Their microstructure and micro-hardness were than analysed after annealing and compared with those of as-deposited states. The observed microstructures show, in comparison to pure LIGA nickel, a small grain growth and a relatively stable structure up to 700°C. The micro-hardness values of the LIGA Ni-W layers are higher than those of the pure LIGA nickel. The micro-hardness measurements for high W-content show in addition a low decrease of the hardness values with increase of the annealing duration. Tensile tests were carried out for each composition (5 and 15 at%). Ni-W shows higher strength (UTS) above 750 MPa and 1,000 MPa, respectively and lower ductility than pure nickel. © 2008 Springer-Verlag.

  • Annealing,
  • Chemical analysis,
  • Composite micromechanics,
  • Copper plating,
  • Corrosion,
  • Grain growth,
  • Hardness,
  • High temperature applications,
  • High temperature testing,
  • Materials testing,
  • MEMS,
  • Metallic compounds,
  • Microelectromechanical devices,
  • Microstructure,
  • Nickel alloys,
  • Tensile testing,
  • Thermodynamic stability,
  • As-deposited,
  • Hardness values,
  • High temperature MEMS,
  • LIGA nickel,
  • Micro-hardness,
  • Small grains,
  • Stable structures,
  • Tensile tests,
  • Testing samples,
  • Thermal stability,
  • Nickel
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"Thermal stability of electrodeposited LIGA Ni-W alloys for high temperature MEMS applications" Microsystem Technologies Vol. 14 Iss. 9-11 (2008)
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