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KL−KS Mass Difference and Supersymmetric Left-Right-Symmetric Theories
Physical Review Letters
  • Asim Gangopadhyaya, Loyola University Chicago
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The supersymmetric contributions to the KL−KS mass difference makes the previously obtained bounds on the right-handed scale (MR>1.6 TeV) much weaker. This raises the interesting possibility that the left-right model could be tested as an alternative to SUL(2)⊗U(1) at low energies. Also we find that to demand that the supersymmetric contribution to the KL−KS mass difference be less than 3.5×10−15 GeV requires that scalar-quark masses be more than 400 GeV.

Author Posting. © The American Physical Society, 1985. This article is posted here by permission of The American Physical Society for personal use, not for redistribution. It was published in Physical Review Letters, Vol. 54, No. 20, (1985).

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Gangopadhyaya, A. (1985). KL−KS mass difference and supersymmetric left-right-symmetric theories. Physical Review Letters, 54(20), 2203-2206.