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Anyonic Superconductivity in a Modified Large-U Hubbard Model
Physical Review B
  • Asim Gangopadhyaya, Loyola University Chicago
  • Prasanta K. Panigrahi, University of Hyderabad
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A modified large-U Hubbard model at half filling is analyzed by a mean-field approach. Preserving a local U(1) symmetry of the action, the fluctuations about half filling are studied in the spirit of the commensurate-flux-phase condition. The fluctuations then contribute a Chern-Simons term to the tree-level Lagrangian with a coefficient appropriate to that of a half fermion. With the Coulomb repulsion term, we study the low-energy excitations of the model and show the existence of superconductivity in the presence of a four-Fermi interaction term.

Author Posting. © American Physical Society, 1991. This article is posted here by permission of American Physical Society for personal use, not for redistribution. It was published in Physical Review B, Vol. 44, No. 17, (1991).

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Gangopadhyaya, A. and Sukhatme, U.P. (1991). Anyonic superconductivity in a modified large-U Hubbard model. Physical Review B, 44(17), 9749-52.