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Transforming Marketing Education Of The Future: The Role Of Intelligent Agent Technologies (IATs) In Enhancing Student Learning
Atlantic Marketing Journal
  • Ashutosh Dixit, Cleveland State University
  • Mayukh Dass, Texas Tech University
  • Gella C. Pendleton, Northern Michigan University
  • William J. Lundstrom, Cleveland State University
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  • artifical intelligence; experiential learning; intelligent agent technologies; interactive environment; marketing research education; Computer Science;

This conceptual paper introduces IATs and discusses how such intelligent and interactive applications can translate into better education environment for marketing curriculum, particularly marketing research. We present a conceptual model based on extant literature. We present some initial test of our conceptual model of IAT usage in marketing education in a marketing research class.

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Dixit, A., Dass, M., Pendleton, G.C., Lundstrom, W.J. (2013). Transforming marketing education of the future: The role of intelligent agent technologies (IATs) in enhancing student learning. Atlantic Marketing Journal, 2(3). Retrieved from