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Chief Student Affairs Officer Titles: Standardization of Titles and Broadening of Labels
Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice (2011)
  • Ashley Tull, University of Arkansas
  • Jerrid P Freeman, University of Arkansas
This study examined chief student affairs officer (CSAO) titles at 2,621 4-year public and private institutions and 2-year institutions included in the 2006 Higher Education Directory. This study replicated and extended Rickard’s (1985a) study of CSAO titles, with regard to institutional autonomy and professional standardization and provides a 22-year update on the uses of CSAO titles. Among study findings, males were found to hold 55% of CSAO titles and females to hold 45%. This finding represented a significant increase for females from 22% in 1984 to 45% in 2006. Other findings identified information based on gender, titles, and institutional type and size.
  • chief student affairs officer,
  • CSAO,
  • senior student affairs officer,
  • SSAO,
  • vice president for student affairs
Publication Date
June 9, 2011
Citation Information
Tull, A., & Freeman, J. P. (2008). Chief student affairs officer titles: Standardization of titles and broadening of labels. NASPA Journal, 45(2), 265–281. Washington, DC: National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.