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SIPX: The Accessible Coursepack Solution
Kentucky Convergence Conference
  • Ashley Ireland, Murray State University
  • Cris Ferguson, Murray State University
Start Date
10-11-2016 2:45 PM
End Date
10-11-2016 3:30 PM
This presentation will explore the implementation of SIPX at Murray State University. SIPX is a solution for embedding digital course materials into the campus LMS in order to maximize library resources, comply with copyright guidelines, and to introduce open access educational resources. This system allows for instructors to select resources that reflect the most cost-effective, highest educational impact resources that are available, and for students to pay for resources as they are used, rather than in entirety at the beginning of the course. SIPX, a Proquest company, provides a wealth of analytics for instructors and administrators. The presenters will discuss the problems solved by this solution, as well as implementation specifics, such as integrating with our payment management system.
Citation Information
Ashley Ireland and Cris Ferguson. "SIPX: The Accessible Coursepack Solution" (2016)
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