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Constraints to Green Vehicle Ownership: A Focus Group Study
Transportation Research D (2012)
  • Asha W. Agrawal, San Jose State University
  • Bradley Flamm, Temple University

We consider constraints that prevent people with environmental concerns from buying “green” vehicles that are smaller, more fuel-efficient, and less polluting by using a series of focus group discussions. We find that the features of vehicles currently on the market, family and work responsibilities, residential choices, and routines and preferences all act as constraints. Serious misunderstandings about the environmental impacts of owning and using vehicles also were noted, making it difficult for many to accurately assess their alternatives. For some, environmental concerns are unlikely to influence future vehicle purchase decisions, even if constraints were removed altogether; other priorities have taken and will take precedence over the environmental impacts of their choices.

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Asha W. Agrawal and Bradley Flamm. "Constraints to Green Vehicle Ownership: A Focus Group Study" Transportation Research D Vol. 17 Iss. 2 (2012)
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