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The Portland Community Warehouse: Strategic choices for a nonprofit board
Case Research Journal (2001)
  • H. Feldman
  • Asbjorn Osland, San Jose State University

The president of the board-of-directors of the Portland Jewish Family & Child Service (JFCS) had to facilitate the decision-making process of the board to decide between the following two options regarding the overhead budget of the collection and distribution center referred to as the “Warehouse:” 1. JFCS continue to pay all the operating costs of the Warehouse. Given the high value Jews traditionally place on charitable giving, members of the agency staff and an influential community volunteer preferred this option, 2. Charge the user agencies a fee that would help defray the operating expenses. Board members believed that every community agency using the Warehouse's service should participate in the financial burden--to whatever extent they could. This would give the agencies a greater feeling of "ownership" for the Warehouse, not to mention relieve some of JFCS's financial burden.

  • Portland,
  • Community,
  • Warehouse,
  • Strategic,
  • choices,
  • nonprofit,
  • board
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H. Feldman and Asbjorn Osland. "The Portland Community Warehouse: Strategic choices for a nonprofit board" Case Research Journal Vol. 21 (2001)
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