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Organizational implications of Latin American culture
Journal of Management Inquiry (1999)
  • J. S Osland, San Jose State University
  • S. De Franco
  • Asbjorn Osland, San Jose State University

The major lessons we have accumulated over many years spent working in and around Latin American organization are explored. A reluctance to make generalizations about large and varied region, albeit with a coherent value system, to submit our best effort at identifying cultural explorations that underlie common organizational problems were overcome. Without question, there are innumerable Latin American organizations that are extremely efficient, well run, and managed by highly effective managers. It has been a pleasure to watch them in action, occasionally work with them, and learn from them. In our work as consultants, managers of "turn-around" efforts, and professors, however, we have been exposed more often to organizational problems and dilemmas. Thus, the major lessons concern the cultural themes that became more figural and fascinating as we struggled to decipher what else besides the usual organizational behavior concepts was at work in troubled organizations.

  • Organizational,
  • implications,
  • Latin American,
  • culture
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J. S Osland, S. De Franco and Asbjorn Osland. "Organizational implications of Latin American culture" Journal of Management Inquiry Vol. 8 Iss. 2 (1999)
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