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Expatriate Paradox and Cultural involvement
International Studies of Management & Organization (2006)
  • J. Osland
  • Asbjorn Osland, San Jose State University

This exploratory study articulates and describes nine paradoxes inherent in the expatriate experience based on data from a sample of 35 repatriated businesspeople. Factor analysis produced four factors: bridging cultures, self identity, cautious optimism, and cultural intelligence. They correlated with several measures of cultural involvement, an original concept that refers to the extent to which expatriates enter the foreign culture and work interdependently with host country nationals. This indicates that expatriates who are more involved in the local culture seem more likely to experience paradox. Content analysis described how expatriates handle and resolve paradox.

  • Expatriate,
  • Paradox,
  • Cultural,
  • involvement
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J. Osland and Asbjorn Osland. "Expatriate Paradox and Cultural involvement" International Studies of Management & Organization Vol. 35 Iss. 4 (2006)
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