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Promoting Bicycle Commuter Safety, Research Report 11-08
Mineta Transportation Institute Publications
  • Asbjorn Osland, San Jose State University
  • Eric Anderson, City of Berkeley, CA
  • John M. Brazil, City of San José, CA
  • Melanie Curry, University of California - Berkeley
  • David E. Czerwinski, San Jose State University
  • Jay Dean, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
  • Peter Faeth
  • LeeAnne Fergason, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
  • Camille S. Johnson, San Jose State University
  • Gerik Kransky, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
  • Carl Larson, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
  • Margaux Mennesson, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
  • Stephanie Noll, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
  • John W. Omweg

We present an overview of the risks associated with cycling to emphasize the need for safety. We focus on the application of frameworks from social psychology to education, one of the 5 Es—engineering, education, enforcement, encouragement, and evaluation. We use the structure of the 5 Es to organize information with particular attention to engineering and education in the literature review. Engineering is essential because the infrastructure is vital to protecting cyclists. Education is emphasized since the central focus of the report is safety.

Publication Date
Publication Type
Bicycle and Pedestrian Issues
MTI Project
Mineta Transportation Institute
  • Bicycle safety,
  • Risk,
  • Health belief model,
  • Theory of planned behavior,
  • 5 Es
Citation Information
Asbjorn Osland, Eric Anderson, John M. Brazil, Melanie Curry, et al.. "Promoting Bicycle Commuter Safety, Research Report 11-08" (2012)
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