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Schooling for Alienation: the Ethiopian Experience
  • Asayehgn Desta, University of California, San Francisco
Conducted with 1500 randomly selected Ethiopian twelfth grade students, this study explored reasons for student alienation in Ethiopia. Data were collected through a self-administered questionnaire. Findings indicated that students are more alienated when they perceive the school environment to be closed. Students who were more anxious about passing the highly selective Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate Examination were more alienated than those less anxious, suggesting that this test is a cause of alienation. Students in institutions with lower prestige felt more alienated, reflecting perhaps their knowledge that students from such institutions have a smaller chance for later success. Finally, the most alienated students were those who had low future status expectations, suggesting that such students feel cheated by their schools. Socioeconomic background was not related to level of alienation. Implications of the study are explored.
Publication Date
January 1, 1979
International Institute for Educational Planning
Citation Information
Asayehgn Desta. Schooling for Alienation: the Ethiopian Experience. Paris, France(1979)
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