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Transferencias del canto medieval. Los tropos del Ordinarium Missae en los manuscritos españoles
  • Arturo Tello Ruiz-Pérez
Under a spirit characterized by having many dimensions and covering various disciplines from Musicology to Liturgy History, through Philology, Theology, Art History, etc., this doctorate thesis intends to affect the main planning and problems which emerge when one must face the study of migrations in the chant during the Middle Ages. Therefore its starting point is the main question concerning the relationship between cultural transfers and Musicology. The trope of the Ordinary of the Mass –that part which changes during the celebration– has been taken as an indicator and leader of the nature of regional exchanges and local transfers of the monodic Frank-Roman repertory on Spanish land from the 11th to the 15th centuries. The fact of having chosen the repertory of tropes of the Ordinary of the Mass, simply answers to a circumstance of their excessive quantity of samples: while the number of tropes of the Proper of the Mass is so scarce in Spain –especially in comparison to the biggest part of European collections–, the tropes belonging to the Ordinary of the Mass did have a more generalized diffusion. The reason is undoubtedly due to the decreasing moment of the kingdom of the Franks of the former (particularly after the 12th century). This coincides with the moment in which the practice of troping reached the Spanish territories located outside the Hispanic March. In fact, the great majority of the tropes belonging to the Ordinary of the Mass –that are conserved within our frontiers– come from manuscripts outside the March which, as it is known, assumed Frank behaviours just from the very beginnings. Through the analysis of variants in the critical and musical edition of the whole Spanish repertory of Ordinary tropes (comparing a corpus that comprises 392 European sources), some discoveries have been made regarding the manner, the moment and the degree of influence in the introduction of the Frank-Roman rite in every one of the peninsular centres, as well as regarding the derivation of some manuscripts like the one in Montserrat, Biblioteca de la Abadía Ms 73, or Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional Ms 1361, whose origin is nowadays an occasion for open debate.
  • Medieval Music,
  • Gregorian Chant,
  • Liturgical Tropes,
  • Spanish Manuscripts
Publication Date
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Citation Information
Arturo Tello Ruiz-Pérez. Transferencias del canto medieval. Los tropos del Ordinarium Missae en los manuscritos españoles. Madrid (Spain)Vol. 2 (2006)
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