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Analysis of Subsynchronous Torsional Interactions with SVCs
Electric Power Components and Systems (2003)
  • Arturo Roman Messina, CINVESTAV
This paper presents the results of an analytical investigation aimed at assessing the potential for subsynchronous torsional interactions (SSTIs) between turbine-generator rotors and static VAR compensators (SVCs) in longitudinal power systems.A n advanced linear state model of the power system is developed that allows detailed evaluation of the impact of FACTS controllers on SSTIs with turbine generators, as well as the identification of potentially undesirable effects associated with the application of multiple controllers.This approach is general enough to include the representation of complex systems and can be used in conjunction with efficient techniques for the analysis of large sparse linear systems.The proposed methodology is applied to quantify the potential for subsynchronous resonance (SSR) problems with series-compensated ac transmission lines and the study of SSTIs between a large SVC and major nuclear and thermal turbine-generator units in the Mexican interconnected system.
  • FACTS devices,
  • Static VAR compensator,
  • subsynchronous resonance
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Arturo Roman Messina. "Analysis of Subsynchronous Torsional Interactions with SVCs" Electric Power Components and Systems Vol. 31 (2003)
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