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Co-ordinated application of FACTS devices to enhance steady-state voltage stability
Electrical Power and Energy Systems (2003)
  • Arturo Roman Messina, CINVESTAV
This paper examines the co-ordinated application of flexible ac transmission system (FACTS) technologies to extend system voltage stability margins. A systematic analysis and design method, based on the singular value/eigenvalue decomposition analysis of the load-flow Jacobian and the study of the controllability characteristics of an equivalent state model is used to study the voltage instability phenomenon as well as to assess the potential for small-signal voltage stability improvement by means of FACTS compensation. The method is of particular interest for the preliminary design of new system devices and the study of interactions among existing controllers. Results obtained using a practical system representative of the Central American interconnected network are presented, illustrating the application of FACTS technologies to extend voltage stability limit.
  • FACTS devices,
  • Voltage collapse,
  • Singular value analysis
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Arturo Roman Messina. "Co-ordinated application of FACTS devices to enhance steady-state voltage stability" Electrical Power and Energy Systems Vol. 25 (2003)
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