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A Critical Humanist Curriculum
Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies
  • Kevin Magill, University of Texas
  • Arturo Rodriguez, Boise State University
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This essay is a critical humanist discussion of curriculum; a departure from the technicist view of education [education meant to support a global capitalist economy] and an analysis of curriculum considering critical humanism, political economy and critical race theory among other modes of critical analysis and inquiry. Our discussion supports a revolutionary curriculum: the turn from a static coercive system of domination where the everyday lives of students are controlled to a dynamic liberatory education where education supports a student's imaginary (Pinar), creativity and their everyday practice of freedom (Freire, Greene, hooks).

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This document was originally published by Institute for Education Policy Studies in Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies. Copyright restrictions may apply.

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Kevin Magill and Arturo Rodriguez. "A Critical Humanist Curriculum" Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (2014)
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