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Unpublished Paper
Plan for Lakewood High School
  • Arthur Lang
Lakewood, New Jersey has a population approaching 100,000. It is perhaps the fasting growing and most vibrant city in the United States. Yet, its schools are in decline. No outsider, no professor of education, and no researcher will completely solve the problem. Lakewood is unique. The economic, political, and moral vitality of Lakewood, with its world renown for learning, is not at all focused on the Lakewood School District, but on its independent district, which is growing at a staggering eighteen percent annually. One thousand new homes are built and 2,000 babies are born each year to families who have never heard of any of its public schools, or even know a single student attending.
Publication Date
April, 2009
Citation Information
Arthur Lang. "Plan for Lakewood High School" (2009)
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