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Thoughts on Implementing "Generous Thinking" as a #ScholComm Librarian
2019 ALI Scholarly Communication Librarianship Conference (2019)
  • Arthur J Boston
A third year scholarly communication librarian will discuss a reckoning with his professional mission in closing the gap between the work done on the campus and the interests of the community around it. This topic is inspired in large part by Kathleen Fitzpatrick's groundbreaking book, Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach to Saving the University (2019), which argues Universities should reorient themselves toward the public good through more direct engagement with that public and more constructive collaboration within the academy itself. In this presentation, practical steps will be discussed for working toward this goal which can be undertaken by institutions, faculty, and students, and most importantly, how librarians (scholarly communication and otherwise) can act as key facilitators.
  • generous thinking,
  • scholarly communication,
  • podcasting,
  • citizen science,
  • public science
Publication Date
Fall October 25, 2019
Purdue, IN
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Arthur J Boston. "Thoughts on Implementing "Generous Thinking" as a #ScholComm Librarian" 2019 ALI Scholarly Communication Librarianship Conference (2019)
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