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Hip-Hop librarianship for scholarly communication: An approach to introducing topics
Journal of New Librarianship (2019)
  • Arthur J Boston
Hip-Hop music, business, distribution, and culture exhibit highly-comparable trends in the scholarly communication and publication industry. This article discusses Hip-Hop artists and research authors as content creators, each operating within marketplaces still adjusting to digital, online connectivity. These discussions are intended for classroom use, where students may access their existing knowledge framework of popular media and apply it to a new understanding of the scholarly communication environment. Research instructors and librarians may discover new perspectives to familiar issues through conversations with students engaging with this material in a novel way.
  • ibliometrics,
  • data,
  • fair use,
  • grey literature,
  • hip-hop,
  • impact factor,
  • institutional repositories,
  • open access,
  • piracy,
  • preprints,
  • scholarly communication
Publication Date
January 30, 2019
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This is a peer-reviewed article published by Journal of New Librarianship (ISSN: 2471-3880) on January 30, 2019, available online:
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