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ESG Embodies the Long Arc of Corporate Integrity
What Matters Most! Blog (2021)
  • Art Stewart
ESG is the new embodiment of the fuller arc of Corporate Integrity practice. From the old CSR we move into the newer, broader ESG, now maturing and becoming embedded in the due diligence and analytical mindset of the investor, audit, CFO, risk management class. Art Stewart notes that “CSR”, “sustainability”, TBL (triple bottom line) and all the other axioms are insufficient to convey the changed place now held for ESG in corporate lifecycle management and value creation.
  • ESG,
  • CSR,
  • business transformation,
  • impact investing,
  • value creation,
  • growth strategy
Publication Date
May, 2021
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Art Stewart. "ESG Embodies the Long Arc of Corporate Integrity" What Matters Most! Blog (2021)
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