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Unpublished Paper
The MBA Goes to Washington: Managing the CEO Presidency
  • Art Stewart
With the earliest rumors from the political grapevine that the Republican Party had ended its protracted search for the ideal presidential candidate that would cap their stunning takeover of the House in 1994, George W. Bush was busy solidifying the foundation of a presidential persona that would propel him onto the national stage. Behind the well-honed public veneer of this self-anointed Reagan heir stood a son of privilege who, despite a checkered business career, had garnered formidable political acumen that would enable him to become America’s first MBA president.
  • George W. Bush,
  • MBA president,
  • CEO presidency,
  • presidential leadership strategy,
  • policy leadership
Publication Date
November, 2006
Citation Information
Art Stewart. "The MBA Goes to Washington: Managing the CEO Presidency" (2006)
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