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"Family Brand Competitiveness in the Post-Meltdown World"
Massachusetts Family Business magazine (2012)
  • Art Stewart, Emerson College
As the global economy shifts, family enterprises need to focus on their competitive durability and resiliency in response to the prolonged ‘new normal’ of a transforming landscape. In today’s business context, whether you are a B-to-B or B-to-C play, customers or clients draw less of a distinction between a business’ ownership orientation than they do for their credibility, reputation, and the perceived delivery on values indicators in their products and services.
  • family business,
  • branding,
  • strategy,
  • shared value,
  • CSR,
  • ethics,
  • leadership
Publication Date
Summer 2012
Citation Information
Art Stewart. ""Family Brand Competitiveness in the Post-Meltdown World"" Massachusetts Family Business magazine (2012)
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