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About Arshad M. Khan, Ph.D.

I study the neural systems that regulate energy
balance, neuroendocrine function and behavioral state
in the mammalian brain. I am particularly interested in
the intracellular signaling mechanisms used by various
neurotransmitters within hypothalamic circuits
participating in feeding and sleep/wake behaviors,
and how these mechanisms might be influenced by
nutrient status (e.g., hypoglycemia).
I also collaborate on neuroinformatics projects
related to the modeling and management of
neuroscientific data about these circuits. As part
of my interests in mechanisms underlying nutrient
homeostasis, I also maintain an active research
interest in the history of neurochemistry and
As part of my scientific duties, I am strongly
committed to classroom and laboratory instruction in
the life sciences (biology, biochemistry, neuroscience)
at the college and university level.


Present Director, UTEP Systems Neuroscience Laboratory, University of Texas at El Paso
Present Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso

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Contact Information

Office: (915) 747-8436


Neural Circuits Responsive to Changes in Blood Sugar (8)

Neural Controls of Food Intake and Body Weight Regulation (7)

Comparative Neuroanatomy (1)

Gene and Protein Expression Patterns in the Brain (4)

Neuroinformatics (2)

History of Neuroscience and Bioenergetics (1)