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Teaching Grammar and the Need to Ensure that Techniques Match Grammatical Structures
Teaching of Grammar (2008)
  • Arshad Abd Samad, Universiti Putra Malaysia

The teaching of grammar has always been bogged down by the issue of whether it should be taught explicitly or implicitly. The history of language teaching has seen numerous pendulum swings from teaching grammar explicitly to a more discovery or implicit teaching of grammar and back to didactic, teacher fronted approaches. We are aware of the Grammar Translation Method, the Direct Method, the Audiolingual Method, and more recently the Communicative Approach – all of which presented grammar either explicitly or implicitly to varying degrees. Writing recently, however, DeKeyser (2005) bemoans the lack of a serious and concerted effort to teach grammar according to research on the nature and degree of difficulty of individual structures. He urges the academic community to “go beyond the simplistic question of whether explicit grammar teaching and systematic practice are useful for L2 grammar learning” (p. 18). The concern today should be to examine the ways different types of instruction can affect the learning of different grammatical systems. This paper will examine the problems faced especially by Malaysian students in learning one specific grammatical system – i.e. the English article system; various suggestions that have been provided in teaching grammar that may be either indirectly or directly relevant to the effective teaching and learning; and the implications to teaching grammar as a whole in the Malaysian context.

  • grammar instruction,
  • articles
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Hyacinth Gaudart
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Arshad Abd Samad. "Teaching Grammar and the Need to Ensure that Techniques Match Grammatical Structures" Petaling Jaya, SelangorTeaching of Grammar (2008)
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