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About Arne Baruca

Prior to his academic career Dr. Arne Baruca worked internationally for almost 10 years in several industries including banking and automotive. The experience he gained during those years in various industries is an invaluable source of real-life examples that he provides to his students to help them relate the theoretical concepts with practice. He was also actively involved with sports, specifically with soccer, for 25 years.
Degrees: Ph.D., Marketing, University of Texas Pan American.
Teaching responsibilities: Dr. Baruca regularly teaches Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management and Branding Management. He believes a true educator is someone who not only passes his expertise to students during class time, but also someone who touches students on a personal level and finds and ignites their potential and enthusiasm. He claims that nowadays in order for a professor to be successful, the professor needs to be a mix of an expert in the field and an entertainer.
Dr. Baruca’s primary research interest is consumer behavior, specifically topics related to the entertainment industry, celebrities and online social media. In his dissertation titled “Our Celebrities, Our Selves: Reconstructing Ourselves as Online Personalities”, he investigated the interconnectedness consumers have with celebrities and how that affects the construction of oneself celebrity in the online social context. Dr. Baruca is also very interested in issues related to the contexts of tourism and sports marketing. He has been actively participating in top marketing conferences and seminars.

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Marketing and Sport Management
Martire Center W325
John F. Welch College of Business