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Language plasticity revealed by electroencephalogram mapping
Pediatric Neurology (2002)
  • Armando F Rocha
  • Flávia B Foz
Reasoning is the result of the computations made by intelligent systems, for instance those in the brain. It is not an abstract concept because calculations performed by computations are very concrete transactions among the different central processing unit components. Entropy measurements are proposed here to disclose the plasticity of the cerebral processing associated with language comprehension in video game playing. It is also assumed that entropy may be evaluated from the correlation coefficients obtained for the game event-related activity calculated for the different electroencephalogram derivations in the 10/20 system. The brain mapping derived from these entropy measurements clearly demonstrates the reallocation of speech functions to right brain areas when the classic left language circuits are damaged during prenatal life.
  • Brain Mappings,
  • Language Pathology,
  • Plasticity,
  • Language Neurophysiology
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Armando F Rocha and Flávia B Foz. "Language plasticity revealed by electroencephalogram mapping" Pediatric Neurology Vol. 26 (2002)
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