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Wind Chime
  • Arlene E Handschuch, Framingham State University
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“Wind Chime” is a jacket and skirt ensemble for the professional woman that is suitable for day or evening wear. I was invited to create this ensemble as a guest designer for the Queen Sirikit Institute of Sericulture in Bangkok, Thailand. The purpose of the design was to showcase womenswear made from the highest quality Thai silk for an exhibition at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations conference to promote the new labeling standards and emblems recently developed by Thailand's Agriculture Ministry to authenticate Thai silk and protect it from imitations. The labeling emblems are affixed to the fabric and come in four different colors -- gold, silver, green, and blue -- based on specific silk types and production process.

  • wearable art
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Arlene E Handschuch. "Wind Chime" (2011)
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