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  • Arlene E Handschuch, Framingham State University
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MOON GLOW is an eveningwear ensemble inspired by the colors and shapes in a 19th century Japanese wood block print of a moonlit lake and mountains, and by garment style lines from historic Chinese costume. Four fabric colors were used to create the geometric designs on the jacket to reflect the subtle shapes and colors in the picture. The asymmetric pattern on the center front and center back bands is an interpretation of the diagonal shapes of the landscape. The collar shape, and the contrasting front band, waistband, cuff, and hem are contemporary interpretations of style details seen in costume of the Han Dynasty. Scanning, digital editing, and fabric printing were used to incorporate a copy of the wood block print onto the jacket. The coordinating pants and tank top each use one of the fabric colors.

  • wearable art
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Arlene E Handschuch. "Moonglow" (2005)
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