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Historic Costume Reproductions – Higgins Armory Museum
  • Arlene E Handschuch, Framingham State University
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The Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA (now part of the Worcester Art Museum) displayed one of the largest collections of armor and arms in the western hemisphere. To complement the armor on display in the main gallery and to enhance their educational programs, the Museum commissioned my research, drafting and construction of a collection of renaissance and medieval historic costume reproductions. The costumes are used under the armor exhibited on display forms, on horse display forms for jousting exhibits, for display with dog armor, for wear by the educational staff during their educational presentations and for images printed on postcards sold in the Museum’s gift store.
In 2014 the Worcester Art Museum acquired the entire Higgins Armor Collection and now exhibits selected items in their galleries.

  • historic costume reproduction
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Arlene E Handschuch. "Historic Costume Reproductions – Higgins Armory Museum" (1993)
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