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An integer programming model to limit hospital selection in studies with repeated sampling
Quantitative Health Sciences Publications and Presentations
  • Michael Shwartz, Boston University
  • Ronald K. Klimberg, Boston University
  • Melinda Karp, Harvard Community Health Plan
  • Lisa I. Iezzoni, Harvard Medical School
  • Arlene S. Ash, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Janelle Heineke, Boston University
  • Susan M. C. Payne, Boston University
  • Joseph D. Restuccia, Boston University
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Department of Quantitative Health Sciences
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Bias (Epidemiology); Data Interpretation, Statistical; Diagnosis-Related Groups; Health Services Misuse; Health Services Research; Hospitals; Medical Records; Models, Statistical; Outcome Assessment (Health Care); Quality of Health Care; *Sampling Studies; Small-Area Analysis; United States
OBJECTIVE: We describe an integer programming model that, for studies requiring repeated sampling from hospitals, can aid in selecting a limited set of hospitals from which medical records are reviewed. STUDY SETTING: The model is illustrated in the context of two studies: (1) an analysis of the relationship between variations in hospital admission rates across geographic areas and rates of inappropriate admissions; and (2) a validation of computerized algorithms that screen for complications of hospital care. STUDY DESIGN: Common characteristics of the two studies: (1) hospitals are classified into categories, e.g., high, medium, and low; (2) the classification process is repeated several times, e.g., for different medical conditions; (3) medical records are selected separately for each iteration of the classification; and (4) for budgetary and logistical reasons, reviews must be concentrated in a relatively small subset of hospitals. DATA COLLECTION/EXTRACTION METHODS. In each study, hospitals are ranked based on analysis of hospital discharge abstract data. CONCLUSIONS: The model is useful for identifying a subset of hospitals at which more intensive reviews will be conducted.
Health Serv Res. 1995 Jun;30(2):359-76. Link to article on publisher's site
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Michael Shwartz, Ronald K. Klimberg, Melinda Karp, Lisa I. Iezzoni, et al.. "An integer programming model to limit hospital selection in studies with repeated sampling" Vol. 30 Iss. 2 (1995) ISSN: 0017-9124 (Linking)
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