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Human Rights in the Digital Era
  • Subhajit Basu, University of Leeds
  • Argyro P. Karanasiou, Bournemouth University

Welcome to the third issue of Volume 3 of the European Journal of Law and Technology. We have nine refereed articles comprising this special issue which explores the emergence and evolution of digital rights that challenge and transform more traditional legal and political understandings of human rights. The majority of papers of this edition were developed for the Human Rights in the Digital Era Conference, hosted by the University of Leeds in September 2011. This Conference was an initiative of the School of Law and was organized in collaboration with the Institute of Communication Studies, University of Leeds. The peer reviewed papers in this edition reflect the challenging and engaging debate across diverse disciplines highlighting the dangers that human rights face in the digital environment and suggest ways to overcome them. In his paper on ANPR systems, Savirimuthu compares and analyses some of the politics and practices underscoring this technology in Canadas western province of British Columbia and in the UK, with the intension of developing the means of resisting intrusive surveillance practices. Monteleones paper addresses the impact of the digital evolution on fundamental rights, such as privacy or data protection (recently codified in the Lisbon Treaty) and digital identity.

Publication Date
Winter December 2, 2012
Citation Information
Subhajit Basu and Argyro P. Karanasiou. "Human Rights in the Digital Era" (2012)
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