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Media Coverage of the Murders of Nepal's Royal Family
Himalayan Research Bulletin (2001)
  • Arjun, Guest editor Guneratne, Macalester College

This issue of the Himalayan Research Bulletin is devoted in part to a forum on the tragic events that took place in the Royal Palace in Kathmandu on June I. Some weeks after the murder of most of Nepal's royal family- allegedly by the crown prince, Dipendra - two Nepalese activists, Bipin Adhikari, a lawyer, and S.B.Mathe, an architect, circulated via e-mail an article they had prepared for a conference in Stockholm. Their article criticized both the inrernational media for the uncritical way it represented the tragedy to an international audience, and the probe commission appointed by the new king, Gyanendra, for numerous failures in the investigative process. A revised version of that article is the centerpiece of the Himalayan Research Bulletin's discussion of these events. We decided to publish Adhikari and Mathe's piece because of the trenchant and forensically informed challenge it gives to the official version of events, and because of the questions it raises (not necessarily explicitly) about the democratic process in Nepal and the degree to which democracy has taken root in the country just ten years after the People's Movement. The critique that these two authors make is one that is widely subscribed to in Nepal but not well known in the United States even among Nepalists, whose principal sources of information have been the media outlets—CNN, the BBC, the New York Times, Reuters —that Adhikari and Mathe critique. We invited a number of people to comment on their arguments; five responded. I would like to record here our thanks to Adhikari and Mathe and their reviewers for working so promptly to the deadlines we gave them.

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Arjun, Guest editor Guneratne. "Media Coverage of the Murders of Nepal's Royal Family" Himalayan Research Bulletin Vol. 21 Iss. 1 (2001)
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