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How Brand Reputation Affects The Advertising-Brand Equity Link
Journal of Advertising Research
  • Arjun Chaudhuri, Fairfield University
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A model of the process of brand equity is proposed that depicts brand reputation as a mediator of the effect of brand advertising, brand familiarity, and brand uniqueness on brand equity outcomes. Brands are used as the unit of analysis in determining the relationships between consumer-level perceptions of brands and market-level data on brand advertising and brand equity outcomes such as market share and relative price. Path analysis of the brand-level data strongly validates the model. It is also shown that brand reputation is a separate construct from brand attitudes and that it performs better than brand attitudes in explaining the effect of brand advertising on brand equity outcomes.


Copyright Journal of Advertising Research 2002.

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Chaudhuri, Arjun. "How Brand Reputation Affects The Advertising-Brand Equity Link." Journal Of Advertising Research 42.3 (2002): 33-43.
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Arjun Chaudhuri. "How Brand Reputation Affects The Advertising-Brand Equity Link" Journal of Advertising Research Vol. 42 Iss. 3 (2002)
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