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Down But Not Out: The Future of the Financial Services Industry
Financial Services Forum Publications
  • Arindam Bandopadhyaya, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Miranda Detzler, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Mohsin Habib, University of Massachusetts Boston
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Research Report
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The financial services industry is a key sector of the U.S. economy. It is a noteworthy contributor to the overall gross domestic product and is an important component of the gross state product for many states. With the downturn in the economy at the beginning of this decade and the accompanying declines in stock market values, the industry has been hit hard. Asset management firms have experienced sharp decreases in their assets under management; banks and insurance companies have had to refocus their operations and have become increasingly vulnerable to acquisition. As evidence grows stronger that it is unlikely that fund managers will outperform market indexes consistently, many have started questioning the value of active asset management, thus jeopardizing the role of many players in the industry. This report provides a look at the financial services industry, including recent developments and future trends.

Published by the Financial Services Forum in the College of Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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Arindam Bandopadhyaya, Miranda Detzler and Mohsin Habib. "Down But Not Out: The Future of the Financial Services Industry" (2003)
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