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Reinterpret Polygamy in Islam: A Case Study in Indonesia
Int J Hum & Soc Sci Inv (2013)
  • Arif Rohman, Charles Sturt University

It is the consensus of ulema (religious leader) in Indonesia that polygamy is allowed in Islam, while polyandry is prohibited. That is why even though that the practice of monogamy has negative impacts to women, some people still conduct it and believe that polygamy is sunnah (the manner or deeds of Muhammad) and part of syariah (Islamic law). This article will explore the perspective of fundamentalist and modernist about polygamy and how the modernist Muslim scholars in Indonesia fight for opposing polygamy.

  • Polygamy,
  • Gender,
  • Islam,
  • Fundamentalist,
  • Modernist,
  • Indonesia,
  • Women,
  • Religion
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Arif Rohman. "Reinterpret Polygamy in Islam: A Case Study in Indonesia" Int J Hum & Soc Sci Inv Vol. 2 Iss. 10 (2013)
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