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Rumours and Realities of Marriage Practices in Contemporary Samin Society
Humaniora (2010)
  • Arif Rohman, Charles Sturt University

From the mid-19th century the Samin people have made a contribution to resistance to Dutch colonial rule in rural Java by their non-violence movement and passive resistance (lijdelijk verset). History also notes that they have a unique culture and system of values which reflect their own local wisdom. However, many negative rumours have become widespread regarding this community. This article explores the marriage practices in Samin society and finds out how Samin society gives meaning to these marriage practices. It examines whether the practice of ‘virginity tests’ and ‘stray marriages’ exist in contemporary Samin society.

  • Samin,
  • Marriage,
  • Rumours,
  • Virginity Tests,
  • Stray Marriages
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Arif Rohman. "Rumours and Realities of Marriage Practices in Contemporary Samin Society" Humaniora Vol. 22 Iss. 2 (2010)
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