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Commentary: Is Collective Administration of Copyrights Justified by the Economic Literature?
Competition Policy and Intellectual Property (2009)
  • Ariel Katz
On March 2007 Canada's Competition Bureau hosted a symposium on the interface between competition and intellectual property. This short comment responds to a paper presented by Professor Jacques Robert in which he argued that the economic literature on bundling of information goods provides a novel justification for the collective administration of copyrights and made a few other recommendations relating to collective administration of copyright. This comment critically examines this bundling argument as well as the other recommendations.
  • copyright,
  • antitrust,
  • collective administration,
  • regulation,
  • internet,
  • digital rights management
Publication Date
July, 2009
Marcel Boyer, Michael Trebilcock, David Vaver
Irwin Law
Citation Information
Ariel Katz. "Commentary: Is Collective Administration of Copyrights Justified by the Economic Literature?" TorontoCompetition Policy and Intellectual Property (2009) p. 449 - 468
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