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Education Rights and the New Due Process
Faculty Scholarship
  • Areto A Imoukhuede, Nova Southeastern University - Shepard Broad Law Center
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This Article argues for a human dignity-based, due process clause analysis to recognize the fundamental duty of government to provide high quality, public education. Access to public education is a fundamental duty, or positive fundamental right because education is a basic human need and a constituent part of all democratic rights.

This is a pre-publication draft provided by the author for inclusion in the eSHARK Repository. The final publication will be forthcoming in Indiana Law Review in 2014. Please do not cite any materials in this pre-publication draft without the author's consent.

Citation Information
Areto A. Imoukhuede, Education Rights and the New Due Process, 47 Ind. L. Rev ___ (forthcoming 2014), available at, http://