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The value of ‘Web of Science’ for ‘Gerontechnology'
Gerontechnology (2015)
  • Ardis Hanson
As more academic institutions move to increasing their research activities, the qualifications for faculty promotion and tenure become more and more dependent on the esteem in which the journals of their publications are held. This journal esteem can be due to the position of the journal as a ‘flagship journal’ for a discipline or an organization, or the journal is recognized as a niche journal, which addresses the needs of a very specific research or practice community. A journal may also be identified as a significant journal based upon academic publishing patterns. Thus, how a journal is ranked will affect how a faculty’s publications are viewed. 

Because the assessment of scholarship is central to the value with which faculty are perceived inside as well as outside the academy, it is essential that assessments of scholarship are fair, equitable, and reflect a 360 degree view of the journals concerned. This paper examines the international journal 'Gerontechnology' and how it is viewed in Web of Science and makes a case for the inclusion of more international niche journals to be indexed in Journal Citation Reports.
  • bibliometrics,
  • Gerontechnology,
  • scholarly productivity,
  • academic metrics
Publication Date
October, 2015
Citation Information
Hanson, A. (2015). The value of ‘Web of Science’ for ‘Gerontechnology.’ Gerontechnology, 13(4), 431-432. doi:10.4017/gt.2015.