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Mental Health Informatics
  • Ardis Hanson, University of South Florida
  • Bruce Lubotsky Levin, University of South Florida
Mental Health Informatics offers a comprehensive examination of contemporary issues in mental health that focuses on the innovative use of computers and other information technology in support of patient care, education, services delivery, and research in the field of mental health services. This text deals with resources, devices, and formalized methods for optimizing the storage, retrieval, and management of information for problem solving and decision-making in mental health. The fourteen chapters are divided into four main parts, including: 1) an introduction to informatics, public health, and mental health; 2) an overview of the ethical, legal, services delivery, and organizational issues in data/records standards and technology adoption; 3) discusses research in today's online environment, addressing issues including research competencies, standards for literature reviews, constructing search strategies, and synthesizing findings; and 4) provides a discussion of the globalization of information and future issues in policy and practice in mental health informatics.
Publication Date
Oxford University Press
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Ardis Hanson and Bruce Lubotsky Levin. Mental Health Informatics. New York, NY(2013)
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