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Unpublished Paper
Capacity of Sum-networks for Different Message Alphabets
  • Ardhendu Tripathy, Iowa State University
  • Aditya Ramamoorthy, Iowa State University
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A sum-network is a directed acyclic network in which all terminal nodes demand the `sum' of the independent information observed at the source nodes. Many characteristics of the well-studied multiple-unicast network communication problem also hold for sum-networks due to a known reduction between instances of these two problems. Our main result is that unlike a multiple unicast network, the coding capacity of a sum-network is dependent on the message alphabet. We demonstrate this using a construction procedure and show that the choice of a message alphabet can reduce the coding capacity of a sum-network from 1 to close to 0.

This preprint is from arXiv:1504.05618 [cs.IT]. Posted with permission.

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Ardhendu Tripathy and Aditya Ramamoorthy. "Capacity of Sum-networks for Different Message Alphabets" arXiv (2015) p. 1504.05618
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