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Readings in Innovation
Research Collection Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Arcot Desai NARASIMHALU, Singapore Management University
  • Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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This is a collection of practice oriented papers that I had written from 2005 – 2010 and published in relevant conferences. The papers were written primarily to share my experiences as an innovator and an innovation manager over thirty five years of my professional life. They are a collection of frameworks, heuristic algorithms and processes that I have penned down from my experience. They are neither theories nor only options available to innovators and innovation managers. This is yet another offering in the world of “Innovation Buffet” that innovators could consume. The sole purpose in compiling these papers is to share my practice experience and resulting observations with a larger community. These papers do not attempt to discover or establish theories using social science research methodologies....Preface

  • Innovation methodology,
  • technology transfer,
  • technology innovation
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© Arcot Desai Narasimhalu 2010
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Arcot Desai NARASIMHALU and Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. "Readings in Innovation" (2010) p. 1-215
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