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About Amy Robinson

BA (Hons). MA. Student (MRes) #Architecture. #Researcher. #Academic. #Theorist. #Writer. Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) - Member.
Currently I am a full time MRes (Master of Research) student at the University of Lincoln. Successful completion of the course means I can then move onto the second year PhD programme in Architecture; with the hope of becoming a lecturer in architectural theory.
I have previous experience in interior design, architecture, design philosophy, political and critical theory and my past research has always had a main focus on disciplinary structures and the philosophies and theories behind them. My current research is delving into the super maximum security (supermax) prisons in the United States. The research combines the theories of Michel Foucault and Giorgio Agamben in relation to bio-power and control which influences the processes of de-humanisation and social exclusion of the persons inhabiting supermax confinement, while trying understand how these themes have been mediated in the built form in contemporary society.


Present Faculty Member, University of Lincoln

Research Interests

Architectural Theory, Critical Theory, and Architectural History

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Honors and Awards

  • BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
  • MA Architecture and Critical Theory
  • MRes Art, Architecture and Design

Contact Information

43 Worksop RD
Mastin Moor

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