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Unpublished Paper
In search of women’s equal right to property in India - Recent Judicial developments
ExpressO (2015)
  • Archana Mishra

Women’s economic status influenced by her ownership and control over immovable property is hardly reflected in Indian society even after India having achieved independence more than half a century before. Effective rights to women in property cannot spring from closed and restrictive mindset of the legislature. The recent decisions of Supreme Court of India and various High Courts expanding the scope of much denied property rights to women in India encapsulate the essence and spirit of the Constitution. Some of the recent striking developments in the field of allowing property rights to women e.g., right of tribal women in property, granting right by birth to daughter in the family, recognising partition rights of Hindu widow in the ancestral property of her husband and permitting her absolute right in property, expanding the scope of Portuguese Civil Code and similar such judicial interpretation favouring women have inspired confidence and created conducive environment for their further growth. The paper presents the recent judicial developments recognizing Indian women’s equal rights in Property.

Publication Date
October 19, 2015
Citation Information
Archana Mishra. "In search of women’s equal right to property in India - Recent Judicial developments" ExpressO (2015)
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