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About Arash Toudeshki

Arash Toudeshki, graduated with a Diploma in Electronics from Isfahan Polytechnics School, Iran (1994). He obtained his B.Sc. from Islamic Azad University, Iran in Electrical Engineering (2000). He received his M.Sc. (2010), and Ph.D. (2013) from Univeristi Putra Malaysia. His area of research interest includes; study on the energy and plasma, ignition; electrostatic, electron gun, vacuum and cathode ray tubes, X-ray and laser, effects of high frequency and high-voltage on human body, ohmic heating, microwave and induction heating, design of high-voltage pulse-generators and power supplies.


Present Faculty Member, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Research Interests

Analog Circuit Design, High Frequency Generator Circuit Design, High Voltage DC Generator Circuit Design, High Voltage AC Generator Circuit Design, High Voltage Impulse Generator Circuit Design, Filter Design, Signal Processing, Measurment, Energy Calculation, and Plasma

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