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A Teacher-Based Evaluation of the English Language Textbook (Get Ready1&2) for Saudi Fourth Grade Primary
  • Abdullah Deyap Arar Alenezi, Arab Society of English Language Studies
This study aimed at evaluating the EFL textbook ` Get Ready 1&2` used in the fourth grade of primary school from the perspectives of male and female teachers in Arar city in Saudi Arabia. The textbook was published by Macmillan,and it was specially developed for use within Saudi Arabia’s cultural environment and for both boys’ and girls’ schools. The Ministry of Education has started using this textbook in schools in the current academic year 2013/2014. This study will focus on teachers’ perspectives, and it will be a macro evaluation. The researcher designed a mixed method study by gathering both quantitative and qualitative data. The researcher distributed a close-ended questionnaire consisted of 55 items and nine categories for 30 teachers to gather quantitative data and carried out an interview with five male teachers to gather qualitative data. The study evaluated the textbook in terms of the layout and design, objectives, skills, supplementary materials, topics and content, cultural values, structure and vocabulary, activities and tasks, and teachers’ manual. In general, the findings of the study revealed that teachers were satisfied about the textbook in all of the nine categories with some demerits. The cultural values category got the highest mean score of 4.54 out of 5.00 whereas the skills category got the lowest mean score of 3.47 out of 5.00. In the light of these findings, the researcher reports some recommendations to address the drawbacks of the textbook and other problems that have an impact on properly delivering the textbook.
  • ELT,
  • primary school,
  • mixed method study,
  • Textbook evaluation,
  • Teachers` perspective
Publication Date
Winter January 15, 2019
MA in TESOL& Applied Linguistics
Field of study
School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences University of Salford
Sue Bromby
Citation Information
Abdullah Deyap Arar Alenezi. "A Teacher-Based Evaluation of the English Language Textbook (Get Ready1&2) for Saudi Fourth Grade Primary" (2019)
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