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Foreign Language Learners’ Attitudes and Perceptions of L1 Use in L2 Classroom
Arab World English Journal (2018)
  • Maram S. Almohaimeed & Huda M. Almurshed, Arab Society of English Language Studies
Whether to avoid learners’ first language (L1) or to make use of it in the second language (L2) classes is a controversial issue. Some studies have challenged the effectiveness of the monolingual approach to foreign language learning. This study investigates Saudi university learners’ attitudes and perceptions towards incorporating their L1(Arabic) in English class. This study also sheds light into the relationship between students’ perceptions and proficiency level in the target language. To this end, Gaebler's questionnaire (2014) was administered to 60 female learners studying in the preparatory year at a Saudi university. They were from three different English proficiency levels. The results showed that advanced learners hold a negative attitude towards the use of L1 in their English classes, whereas elementary and intermediate learners generally perceive the judicious use of their L1 positively.
  • learners’ attitudes,
  • Learning foreign language,
  • L1 use,
  • monolingual approach,
  • role of L1
Publication Date
Winter December 15, 2018
Citation Information
Maram S. Almohaimeed & Huda M. Almurshed. "Foreign Language Learners’ Attitudes and Perceptions of L1 Use in L2 Classroom" Arab World English Journal Vol. 9 Iss. 4 (2018) p. 433 - 446 ISSN: 2229-9327
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