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Beyond the Twang: Analysis of Trends in Appalachian Language
ASA Annual Conference
  • Elijah Wise, Marshall University
  • Thomas Linz, Marshall University
  • Melissa Atkins, Marshall University
  • Carnice Covert, Marshall University
  • April Fugett, Marshall University
  • Marianna Linz, Marshall University
Participation Type
Session Title
Session 4.03 Linguistics
Presentation #1 Abstract or Summary
Appalachian culture is steeped in a strong linguistic tradition. Among other factors, a key component in this tradition is an accent which is considered to be distinctive to the Appalachian region. Historical roots of this distinctive pattern of speech will be explored. Furthermore, the way in which the accent is perceived outside of the Appalachian region will be discussed. Specifically, the presenters will discuss the relationship between language trends and an individual’s perceived level of intelligence (either explicitly or implicitly). Stereotypes related to this way of speaking could potentially create unforeseen barriers to achievement in the realm of academia, and society in general. Another element of the Appalachian language is the corpus of terms and phrases that are thought to be commonly occurring and specific to this region. For instance, though the term “hollow” has a number of connotations and iterations, its shorted form “holler” has a relatively unique application within rural areas, and Appalachia in-particular. Data on these and related terminology will be collected and presented.
At-A-Glance Bio- Presenter #1

Elijah Wise is a doctoral candidate in the Marshall University Psy.D. Program. His research interests include language, technology, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, learning disorders, popular-culture, and linguistic ambiguity.

At-A-Glance Bio- Presenter #2

Dr. Thomas Linz is an associate professor of psychology at Marshall University, and coordinator of the Marshall University Clinical MA Program. His research interests include attention and organization.

At-A-Glance Bio- Presenter #3

Dr. Melissa Atkins is an assistant professor of psychology at Marshall University. Her research interests include human sexuality and lifespan development.

At-A-Glance Bio- Presenter #4

Carnice Covert is a doctoral candidate in the Marshall University Psy.D. Program. Her research interests include racial identity, clinical issues, spirituality, and resiliency.

Citation Information
Elijah Wise, Thomas Linz, Melissa Atkins, Carnice Covert, et al.. "Beyond the Twang: Analysis of Trends in Appalachian Language" (2014)
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