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Determinants of South Asian Entrepreneurial Growth in Britain: A Multivariate Analysis
Small Business Economics (1999)
  • Anuradha Basu, San Jose State University
  • A. Goswami, University of Reading
This paper aims to contribute to our understanding of the factors influencing South Asian entrepreneurial growth in Britain. It develops a multivariate model along the lines of small business economics but includes cultural and social variables. The theoretical model specified assumes that cultural factors have an augmenting effect on socio-economic factors. A distinction is also drawn between initial entrepreneurial characteristics and later expansion strategies used. The empirical model, based on the general-to-specific approach, can explain almost 60 per cent of entrepreneurial growth. The results suggest that moving away from a style of management based on immigrant culture has a positive impact on growth. This requires greater delegation of responsibilities to non-family employees. At the same time, strengthening links with the country of origin has a positive impact on growth. While the commitment to work hard at start-up is essential, human capital factors like the entrepreneur's educational attainment and employee training appear to be more crucial than financial resources in contributing to growth.
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Anuradha Basu and A. Goswami. "Determinants of South Asian Entrepreneurial Growth in Britain: A Multivariate Analysis" Small Business Economics (1999)
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