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Serus: Continue to Bootstrap or Seek VC Funding?
Journal of Critical Incidents (2009)
  • Anuradha Basu, San Jose State University
  • M. H. Patel, San Jose State University
This critical incident (CI) is about the early evolution of Serus, a supply chain management software solutions company, which was started by two women entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, California, who self-funded or bootstrapped their new venture. Unlike many technology entrepreneurs, these founders chose to focus on identifying a market and securing their first customers before seeking any external funding. They now have to decide how to fund the expansion of their company and whether or not to pitch for venture capital finance.
Publication Date
October, 2009
Publisher Statement
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Citation Information
Anuradha Basu and M. H. Patel. "Serus: Continue to Bootstrap or Seek VC Funding?" Journal of Critical Incidents Vol. 2 (2009)
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